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 "Listen, understand, advise & protect"

 The firm Sterenn Law offers different kind of legal services: information, advisement, writing, transaction but also legal representation services before the following courts:

 -                   Tribunal de proximité (lowest-level court in French legal system, having a limited jursidiction)

 -                    Tribunal judiciaire (French court of first instance in both civil and criminal matters)

 -                     Juge aux affaires familiales (Family Court Judge)

 -                      Juge de l'exécution forcée et des saisies sur salaire (Judge dealing with Civil Courts’ decisions enforcement)

 -                     Conseil des Prud'hommes (first instance court dealing with employment litigations)

 -                     Tribunal de Commerce (Commercial Court)

 -                     Tribunal de Police ( name given to a “tribunal de proximité” when a criminal case is being heard minor criminal offenses Police Court)

 -                     Tribunal Correctionnel (Criminal Court)

 -                     Tribunal judiciaire pôle social pour les litiges avec la Sécurité Sociale/CPAM et le contentieux de l'Incapacité (Court dealing with litigations arising between the French Social Security public utility and the service users)

 -                     Tribunal Administratif, (Administrative Court dealing with French civil service matters)

 -                     cours d'appel (Courts of appeal)

  ·                    Information and advisement: the first appointment’s aim is to help the client grasp the legal issue he or she is facing. Once this has been done, the client is informed on the recent legislation and case law evolutions relating to the said legal issue. Then, the lawyer establishes an adequate strategy to protect the client’s rights and interests.

  ·                    Writing: writing services can be provided for any contract, convention or correspondence with the client's interlocutor or business partner on his or her behalf.

  ·                   Settlement: mediation, negotiation and settlement are preferred to expensive legal actions that can have an unpredictable outcome.

  ·                    Legal Representation: the office handles its clients legal representation before the different courts previously mentioned. Doing so, it carries out all of the necessary formalities to preserve and enforce its client’s rights. Legal aid cases are accepted by the firm (the legal aid, a system assuring the access to Justice to all, is the assistance provided by the State consisting in covering, entirely or partially, one's legal fees when lacking sufficient resources to face such costs).

 To make sure you are eligible to legal aid, please go to “fees”.

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