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The firm, mainly generalist, offers legal advisement and assistance services to individuals but also to professionals and administrations for their litigation before all Courts and especially in the following matters:

 -  Law of persons and Family Law: divorce (uncontested or not), custody, child support, paternity contesting…

 -  Criminal Law : “audiences de plaider-coupable” (hearings in which the person brought to appear before the Court has already agreed to plead guilty, and in return the public prosecutor proposes a slighter sentence), discussions before the “juge de la liberté et de la detention”, the judge having jurisdiction to decide on issues related to personal liberty restriction measures (involuntary hospitalization, criminal indictment), assistance at hearings before the investigating judge, assistance at hearings before the Police Court, the Criminal Court, the Assize Court and the Juvenile Court judge (educative and penal measures).

-  Victims’ assistance: hearings before the police, ad-junction to the public prosecutor’s lawsuit, assistance to judicial medical expertise, evaluation of the amount of damages that can possibly be granted for the injury suffered, damages for corporal injuries, damages relating to the dysfunctionality of the reparation granted following an acquittal, or after the charges have been dropped due to a lack of evidence.

-  Employment Law and Welfare Law: legal assistance and representation before the « Conseil des Prudhommes », the first instance Court dealing with employment litigation (from the mediation stage to the fund recovery one), transactions protocols, legal advisement and assistance before the “Tribunal du contentieux de la sécurité sociale” (Court dealing with social security disputes), and the Rouen’s Tribunal du taux d’incapacité (Court determining the level of disability of an employee following a work related accident)

Commercial Law : legal assistance before the Commercial Court, insolvency proceedings (liquidation, receivership…) before the “Juge Commissaire” (judge appointed by the Commercial Court to preside over insolvency cases for instance) and commercial leases writing advise

 -  IT law, Internet and medias law : Contracts writing, diverse litigation ( freedom of speech, e-reputation, website creation, domain names, hacking), personal data protection (conformity and data acquisition audit, direct or indirect practice of the access and rectification rights, management of the data international transfer outside the European Union), externalization of the Correspondent's mission to protect personal data

 -     Joint ownership rights: disputes with the co-ownership trustee, leases (regular and professional ones)

 -     Consumer credit and specific performance related litigation: national debt assistance case submission at the” Banque de France” (the French central bank), distraint protest before the “Juge de l’execution” (judge having jurisdiction to decide on issues related to the executions of judgments)

 -   Trade-mark Law, Copyright and royalties: patent registration, contractual management of assignments of rights, SACEM related matters (SACEM is a collective management organization guarantying authors’ IP rights by collecting and distributing royalties)

For each of the areas mentioned, the firm will play a legal advisement, information, representation and assistance role for any of your project or proceedings.


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