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 Ariane Rooryck-Sarret, a lawyer at the Le Havre Bar, graduated from both Toulouse and Le Havre Universities (degrees in Media law, International Business law, and IT law).

She worked at Baker & McKenzie Paris (a business law lawyers’ international firm) and for the Human Rights Service at the Public Prosecutor’s Department (dealing with the malfunction of Justice (as a public utility) concerning the reparation required in wrongful custody cases).

In addition to her lawyer's work activities, she is teaching Civil Procedure and IT Law (as part of the of the “c2i métiers du droit” course) at the Le Havre University to Master’s degree students.

In order to be efficient, the firm insists on creating a relationship based on trust and transparency with clients. And that way, establish an open and confidential communication. Therefore, clients are given a particular attentive ear to efficiently and actively answer the questions and remarks they may have.


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